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New entry: Adding about pages to stagit

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diff --git a/content/blog/ b/content/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,55 @@ +--- +title: "Adding about pages to stagit" +slug: "adding-about-pages-to-stagit" +categories: "Technology" +tags: [ + "Git", + "Personal server", + "Self-hosting", + "Software", + "Website" +] +date: 2020-08-15T19:59:00+00:00 +--- + +I use [stagit][sg] to show the public repositories of my Git server on the web. +I chose stagit because it is a very simple and lightweight tool, which makes +tinkering with the source code very straightforward (which I have been doing a +bit lately) and because the resulting website is static: easy to set up, faster, +and there aren't any application-specific issues (there is no application). +Static sites are also nice because you know exactly what is going on when a page +is requested—the file is served—, whereas if it is a dynamic site, you might or +might not know what operations the server is doing to answer the request. + +Stagit doesn't have many features. This isn't necessarily bad, as it keeps the +source small and readable and it still does everything I consider necessary, it +even has an Atom feed for commits! The one feature I really missed was being +able to show an about page with the repository's readme file when it is +opened[^nt]. For me, it is a basic feature, especially with repositories for +projects without a website/wiki. When I hear about a piece of software, the +first I do is go check out the repository and read a bit about it, and readme +files make that easier. Since most of my repositories have readmes written in +Markdown, I wanted stagit to convert them to HTML, so they could be shown nicely +on the repositories' website. + +[^nt]: Stagit has a link on the navigation bar to the readme file, and you could + easily make that the default `index.html` file, but it is just the page with + the raw file (as any other file is shown), it isn't presented like an about + page. + +If you want to try it out yourself, the change on stagit is very simple, just a +couple of lines, but it will add a dependency to the program[^dep]. I use +[md4c][md4c] to parse the files, and it is ridiculously fast. I haven't noticed +any changes in the time it takes for stagit to run. Check out [this commit][cm] +if you want to know how I did it, and feel free to suggest other approaches if +you think they are better. + +[^dep]: The dependency is only for parsing Markdown, if you don't need that, you + can just show the raw file without the line numbers and metadata, this is what + [I do][nm] when the readme file isn't a Markdown file. + + +[sg]: <> "Stagit blog post —" +[md4c]: <> "md4c — GitHub" +[cm]: <> "Add about page for repos with REAMDE —" +[nm]: <>