Oscar Benedito's Git repositories


NameDescriptionLast commit
dotfilesMy dotfiles.2021-02-06 01:01
git-backupBack up remote git repositories locally.2020-08-16 22:09
git-shell-commandsScripts for git-shell.2020-11-24 23:17
markionLiterate programming with Markdown.2020-08-17 12:51
oscarbenedito.comSource code for my personal website.2021-03-03 18:43
osfOscar's Standalone Files.2021-01-04 20:56
stagitPersonal stagit fork.2020-12-13 18:07
timesheetPlain text timesheet format and parser.2020-10-23 16:57
vimwiki-buildNecessary files to convert my vimwiki into an HTML website.2020-06-20 16:16
dmenuPersonal dmenu fork.2020-09-02 18:29
dwmPersonal dwm fork.2021-02-06 00:49
dwmblocksPersonal dwmblocks fork.2021-02-06 00:57
mathjax-binBinary MathJax files for my website.2020-09-09 18:15
slockPersonal slock fork.2020-06-22 18:08
stPersonal st fork. Currently unused.2020-06-22 16:33


The best way to contribute to my repositories is through e-mail, check out git-send-email.io if you don’t know how to do that. Send your patches to patches@oscarbenedito.com and change the subject prefix to specify the repository you are sending the patch for. You can do that running the following command from the git repository:

git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH <name-of-repository>"

You can also contribute on GitHub doing pull requests (all my public repositories are mirrored there, as well as sr.ht).