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New entry: Follow TV shows with web feeds

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diff --git a/content/blog/ b/content/blog/ @@ -0,0 +1,51 @@ +<!-- title: Follow TV shows with web feeds --> +<!-- slug: tv-shows-web-feeds --> +<!-- categories: FOSS, Projects --> +<!-- date: 2021-05-20T19:19:00Z --> + +I am quite strict about which messages make it to a push notification on my +phone. I don't like to receive notifications unless they are important or +urgent. The same thing happens with emails—indeed, it's one of the few +applications which have notifications enabled. However, I also don't want to +regularly check different places for updates. Because of this, most of the +updates I receive are through another channel: web feeds. + +[I have written before][feeds] about using web feeds (Atom, RSS, JSON feed...) +to keep track of updates to sites. I use my feed reader to get updates about +some of the software I use, YouTube videos, newsletters, and, of course, blogs. +They are all things I don't want to miss out on, but I don't want to be notified +about. Instead, Miniflux (my feed reader) stores them until I decide to log in +and read them. This allows me to disable any notifications but have them all +centralized in one place. + +Lately, many TV shows are starting to air again, meaning that there are new +episodes weekly of some series that I am watching, and soon more will follow. +Because of this, I want to keep up to date with which TV series are coming up, +but I don't want push notifications or emails (or checking their websites). I +just want a way to know that there are new episodes for me to watch, but without +the hassle of looking it up... Ring a bell? Web feeds! + +Yesterday I quickly looked around to see if there was any service offering that +for free or cheaply, and there was none. The ones I saw were about 5€/month, +which is more than any other service I use (a small VPS, email provider or +Miniflux). I was not willing to pay that much, and I was motivated enough to do +such a service myself, it sounded like a fun and easy project to take on for a +day or two, so I did. + +Luckily, [TVmaze][] offers a free API with all the information I needed, and +there I went with a Python script. After some time, I had it running, and today +I polished it a bit. I can say it is fully working now! + +The script takes TV series IDs (as many as you want) and creates an Atom feed +with an entry for each episode there is. Just run it as a cron job every hour +and put the output on a static site, you're done! Alternatively, you can make +one feed per show, so multiple people can subscribe to their desired shows. + +If you are interested, there is a bit more information about how it works +[here][tv2feed] and the code is [here][code]. + + +[feeds]: </blog/2020/04/use-web-feeds/> "Use web feeds! -" +[TVmaze]: <> +[tv2feed]: </projects/tv2feed/> +[code]: <>