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diff --git a/content/blog/ b/content/blog/ @@ -1,7 +1,8 @@ --- -title: "Designing a composer UI" +title: "Designing a composing interface" categories: technology tags: ["FOSS", "Software", "DIY", "Website"] +lastmod: 2019-12-06 --- To write my blog posts, I use Markdown, a useful language to write simple fragments of text. The text is then "compiled" into HTML, which is then served as a webpage. Since Markdown files are plain text files, I mostly have used plain text editors in the past to write my posts, and I have had a decent experience with them. A week ago I was trying [WriteFreely]( and the difference between their composing user interface and a text editor is very noticeable. I have read people say they love writing in Vim or Emacs, but for me, something more aesthetic is more suited.