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diff --git a/content/ b/content/ @@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ type: page The following is a list of sites related to privacy and security on the internet. They were very useful when learning about privacy online as well as finding software and providers that were more focused on security. - **[PrivacyTools](**: For any kind of service or program, this website offers a couple of alternatives, with a short summary. It also offers some good advice on being more secure on the internet. They also have a [forum]( - - **[Switching Social](**: A website with privacy-conscious providers. It is aimed at non-tech people. A couple of days ago the site and all its social accounts banished, you can see the last snapshot at the [Wayback Machine]( + - **[Switching Social](**: It used to be a website that informed about privacy-conscious service providers. It was aimed at non-tech people. Around September 20, 2019, the site and all its social accounts vanished, you can see the last snapshot at the [Wayback Machine]( A new project, [Switching Software](, is under development to continue the website. - **[Restore Privacy](**: Reviews providers and software. They have an [interesting page]( dedicated to alternatives to Google services. - **[Paula Kreuzer's blog](**: Offers alternatives to common service providers and software. Giving a summary of the alternatives she proposes. - **[PRISM Break](**: Offers secure replacements to some common apps and providers, organized by operating system.