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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,14 +1,21 @@ -# dwmblocks - +dwmblocks +========= Modular status bar for dwm written in c. -# Usage +Installation +------------ +Edit to match your local setup (dwmblocks is installed into the +/usr/local namespace by default). + +Afterwards enter the following command to build and install slock +(if necessary as root): + + make clean install -Install dwmblocks by running `sudo make install`. After that you can put -dwmblocks in your xinitrc or other startup script to have it start with dwm. +Running dwm +----------- +Add the following line to your .xinitrc to start dwmblocks using startx: -# Modifying blocks + dwmblocks & -The statusbar is made from text output from command line programs. Blocks are -added and removed by editing the `config.h` header file. If the file `config.h` -does not exist, a new one will be made by copying `config.def.h`. +Or run the 'dwmblocks' command.