This directory hosts some of my dotfiles.


The colors used on most places are based on the vim onedark theme. They are the following:

Color Color number
black #282c34
red #e06c75
green #98c379
yellow #e5c07b
blue #61afef
magenta #c678dd
cyan #56b6c2
white #ffffff
bright black #5c6370

Working with this repository

My solution is based on this comment (more info: here and here). A bare repository is initialized on a specified directory ($XDG_DATA_HOME/dotfiles/repo.git in my case) and then it is used as if it was in the home directory using the --work-tree option. I have aliased this git command with options to c (see setup below). The status.showUntrackedFiles no setting is used to avoid seeing all files in the home directory.

To set up your computer with this repository, run the script To only track a subset of the files on the repository, look at how it's done on the script for the --small option. I also recommend adding a post-merge hook with the for loop that is run with the --small option on the script, to ensure it ignores any future files that don't match the regex.


I have also created alises c-clean and c-populate to hide or show the files, COPYING and This functions will delete or override the files on the home directory respectively (be careful!).

Notes for myself...

Some of the programs you will need on a new installation are the following (package names for Arch Linux, install with pacman -S package1 package2 ...):

# basic
xf86-video-intel zsh zsh-syntax-highlighting fzf neovim wget man cronie htop sshfs dash pacman-contrib xclip inetutils
# xorg
xorg-server xorg-xinit
# utils
xorg-xrandr xorg-xbacklight alsa-utils alsa-lib alsa-plugins xwallpaper xcape xautolock pulseaudio xorg-xsetroot dunst xdotool udisks2 acpi scrot mlocate rsync feh exfat-utils
# gnome
gnome gnome-extra
# fonts
noto-fonts ttf-font-awesome ttf-dejavu
# software
mpv thunderbird alacritty firefox signal-desktop pass transmission-cli syncthing yt-dlp jq restic
# other
texlive-most texlive-lang biber gtk2 gtk3 gvfs zathura mupdf zathura-pdf-mupdf pdftk

and don't forget to install dwm, dmenu, slock and dwmblocks (by now hopefully you have your SSH keys set up with the Git server):

mkdir -p ~/.local/src
git clone ~/.local/src/dwm
git clone ~/.local/src/dmenu
git clone ~/.local/src/slock
git clone ~/.local/src/blocks
sudo make -C ~/.local/src/dwm install
sudo make -C ~/.local/src/dmenu install
sudo make -C ~/.local/src/slock install
sudo make -C ~/.local/src/blocks install

Enable PulseAudio and syncthing, download neovim plugins:

systemctl --user enable pulseaudio.service
sudo systemctl enable "syncthing@$USER.service"
nvim --headless -u NONE -c 'lua require("bootstrap-paq").run()'

Finally, don't forget to put your wallpaper under ~/.local/share/dwm/wallpaper.png.


Copyright (C) 2019-2022 Oscar Benedito

This repository is licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal license and therefore is part of the public domain. To the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0 with this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. You can find a copy of the CC0 license on the COPYING file or here.

You can find this repository online at