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      1 # Git shell commands
      3 These scripts are useful to have in the git-shell when making a git server. Some
      4 of the scripts assume that you have my version of stagit installed.
      6 Some of the scripts are based on the ones found [here][src].
      8 ## License
     10 This repository is licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal license and therefore is
     11 part of the public domain. To the extent possible under law, the person who
     12 associated CC0 with this work has waived all copyright and related or
     13 neighboring rights to this work. You can find a copy of the CC0 license on the
     14 `COPYING` file or [here][license].
     17 [src]: <> "Hosting an admin-friendly git server with git-shell"
     18 [license]: <>