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      1 <!-- title: File synchronization software: Syncthing -->
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      6 [Syncthing][s] is a file synchronization program. It allows you to sync files
      7 between computers over LAN or the Internet. It is a very simple program that
      8 just gets the job done.
     10 I use it to synchronize files between two computers and my phone. When
     11 synchronizing two computers, I find it to be a much faster—and smoother—approach
     12 than doing it with a USB, while mantaining my privacy and avoiding the exposure
     13 of private document to companies on the Internet. I also use it to back up a
     14 couple of folders from my phone, including my pictures. Every once in a while I
     15 will activate syncthing on my phone, it will sync everything with my computer
     16 and then I just exit it. It is fast and simple.
     18 If you want to synchronize/back up your computer or phone privately, check it
     19 out!
     22 [s]: <https://syncthing.net/> "Syncthing"